The Joy of Giving – An Annual Charity Dinner by FFCF

The Joy of Giving – An Annual Charity Dinner by FFCF

The Joy of Giving is an annual Charity Dinner organized by Friends For Cause Foundation (FFCF). The founder of FFCF, Yogesh Bhatia, visits India every year to carry out his passion for the Gift a Sight Project. The project started with the tragedy of losing his brother. He makes sure that he does this work very diligently and in process follows all medical guidelines – from picking out people on the streets to get their vision tested, to having the surgeries done on those who require it. It is all planned and executed under co-operations of his friends and the guidance of his mentors and support of local NGOs.

This year charity dinner is taking place at Khanna Banquet Hall, Surrey on September 24, 2022. Please visit to buy tickets for the charity dinner online. If you would like to donate, or need more information, please contact Yogesh Bhatia at 604-366-6942

About The Blindness Issue in India:


India is the home of the world’s largest number of blind people, 75% of these are cases of avoidable blindness. The prime cause of blindness is unawareness of several eye diseases and refractive errors. Early detection of which can not only prevent blindness, but can also vastly improve the performance and the quality of life of the individual (be it a student, a professional, a home maker or a retired personnel).


Namaste Canada 2022 – Free Indian Cultural Event in Vancouver

Namaste Canada 2022 – Free Indian Cultural Event in Vancouver

Namaste Canada is the biggest Indian Cultural event organized by the Consulate General of India (CGI), Vancouver. This event showcases & promotes the rich & diverse cultural heritage of India in Metro Vancouver. This year this event is taking place on September 3, 2022 at Massey Theatre in New Westminster.

More than 25 cultural associations & groups from the Vancouver Indian Community are Volunteering and performing at Namaste Canada 2022.  Mark your calendars to attend this event. This is a Free event for all but there might be some pre-registration required to attend this event. The event is free but admission is by invitation only. Please register to get invited for Namaste Canada 2022 event. Please check out the social media page of CGI Vancouver for more updates.

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Sarvangasana | Yoga Poses

Sarvangasana | Yoga Poses



  • Lie on the back and relax completely. 
  • Inhale as in complete Yogic breathing, then whilst inhaling slowly, raise the legs, hips and trunk in a continuous movement until vertical. 
  • Take normal breaths here. Then raise the legs (knees straight) and hips by supporting the arms on the ground then bend the elbows and hold the trunk in the hands. In this position the chin is buried in the sternum (upper chest).
  • Practice abdominal respiration and retain the position for as long as is comfortable.
  • Direct the attention to the thyroid gland.
  • To return to the starting position, gently lower the trunk, pelvis, and legs, and relax on the ground. 
  • Do not get up to the standing position immediately after Sarvangasana or any other inverted posture. Relax in Savasana, allowing the blood circulation to return to normal

Counter Pose: Matsyasana


  • Those with high blood pressure should avoid doing this asana. Before performing this Asana, one should completely relax.  
  • Persons suffering from eye trouble should avoid this asana
  • Women should not do it during menstruation as the blood released at this time is often very acidic and a back-flow could damage the womb. 
  • Do not practice it if you feel dizzy or have palpitation while performing it.


In this posture, the thyroid receives an abundant supply of fresh blood. Regular practice of this Asana will make the symptoms of premature aging, produced by thyroid disorders, completely disappear. One regains youthful vigour, wrinkles soften, and the body stays supple to a very great age. 

Garba in Metrotown Burnaby | Navratri Festival of India

Garba in Metrotown Burnaby | Navratri Festival of India

I am proudly supporting this Navratri Garba 2022 event organized by Plus91 Events which is taking place at Bonsor Recreational Complex in Burnaby. Indian traditional wear is expected from all the attendees at this event. Come in ethnic wears and make this Navratri Festival, a memorable one.

Event Highlights: Enjoy Live Orchestra | Lip-smacking refreshments |  Footsteps away from Metrotown Skytrain station | Exhibition stalls and so much more.

For group bookings call them at 778 536 7817 / 778 268 2185 / 647 545 9789.


Personal Development Workshop by ATI Vancouver & Mind Power Vancouver

Personal Development Workshop by ATI Vancouver & Mind Power Vancouver

ATI Vancouver & Mind Power Vancouver are hosting a personal development event on Mind Power for the community on July 23, 2022 at Sunrise Banquet & Conference Centre located at 5640 188 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 4N5. Learn to use Subconscious Mind and turn all your dreams into reality.

Dr. Jeetendra Adhia from Gujarat, India will be in Vancouver to conduct this Seminar. Dr. Adhia has travelled widely all over the world. This Mind Power Workshop will include a lot of interaction and practical experiences.

The Topics covered in this workshop will be:

1. What is Mind ?
2. Where is Mind?
3. How many Minds?
4. What is Alpha State?
5. How to use the Power of Subconscious Mind?


Born in 1951, Dr. Adhia had very low profile schooling and childhood in Rajkot, Gujarat. He earned his M.B.B.S. degree from Nagpur University in 1975 and M.D. from Mumbai University in 1982. He worked in different parts of the world as a medical doctor and then shifted to Mind Training field.

He lives in Ahmedabad now. He is now full time Mind Trainer and Life Coach with 31 years of experience as a Trainer. He has written more than 110 books in different languages. He has conducted his seminars and workshops in more than 35 countries.

The event is supported by various sponsors & community partners and the organizers are thankful for their support.



The event is supported & co-hosted by ATI Vancouver – All Things Indian in Vancouver.

Tickets: Tickets are $20 per person, Students get 50% discount (limited tickets). Buy tickets online


Common Yoga Protocol Session | Video & PDF in English Version

Common Yoga Protocol Session | Video & PDF in English Version

Yoga brings peace to body mind and soul. International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on June 21.


Common Yoga Protocol has been designed by AYUSH (Government of India) with the consensus of all the experts. CYP comprises day-to-day Yoga practice for the masses to reap all the benefits of Yoga. The protocol intends to create general awareness among the masses to attain peace, harmony and well-being through Yoga practices e.g. Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Dhyan, etc. Download the PDF version of the Yoga Protocol (link given below) and enjoy watching the video of the Yoga Protocol and keep learning and continue to reap the benefits of Yoga practices. You can watch the video and follow the instructions.

Common Yoga Protocol PDF English Version Download

Watch the Video Version below: