Christmas Fundraiser by Touching Lives Foundation

Christmas Fundraiser by Touching Lives Foundation

I am proudly supporting 5th Annual Christmas Fundraiser organized by Touching Lives Foundation. The fun-filled fundraiser is taking place at Burnaby on December 9, 2022. This year, they are donating the event’s proceeds to Moving Forward Families. Moving Forward offers free short-term and affordable long-term counselling options to underserved communities across Canada via in-person, telephone, and online platforms. They welcome you to their judgment-free environment where you can get the help you need no matter your age, race, identified gender, financial situation, or location.

Neeraj Kumar Real Estate Team is a proud sponsor of this fundraiser


What can be expected from this event?

You can expect a memorable night of fun, amazing food, entertainment, games, music, and dancing! Above all you can expect a sense of fulfilment after supporting this fundraiser event. Please check their Facebook Page out for more updates. Please come forward and support the efforts!

About Touching Lives Foundation:

Touching Lives Foundation was started by two friends Josie Chouhan & Neera Vohra who decided to start an annual tradition of holding a Christmas fundraiser to support marginalized and disadvantaged members of the community. They have been running these fundraisers for the last several years with dedication, passion, honesty, and integrity.

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